23 September 2011, 22:10

In Rostov-on-Don, defendants in "Urvan Jamaat" case present their last plea

Today, at the session of the North-Caucasian District Military Court, the defendants figuring in the case of the so-called "Urman Jamaat" asked the judges to pass a fair decision.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that eight residents of Kabardino-Balkaria are defendants in the case and accused of involvement in illegal armed formations (IAFs), killings of and attempts on policemen. On September 9, the prosecutor demanded for them from 18 years to life imprisonment in a high security colony. According to the defence, their clients were not members of IAFs.

In their address to the court, the defendants Alim Khubiev and Alim Bitokhov asked not to sentence them to life imprisonment, as requested by the prosecution.

"I want to ask pardon from all the relatives of the victims for my committed crimes. It's a pity they are not present at the session, because I want them to hear it," Alim Khubiev said in his last plea.

He added that he was innocent of the murder of the operative agent of the Urvan ROVD (District Interior Division) Arustam Alborov. "I've never attempted on lives of law enforcers. I admit my guilt of committed crimes; however, I ask the court not to sentence me to life imprisonment. I want to have a chance to return home and become a normal member of the society," Khubiev asked the court.

The defendant Anzor Bogotov also expressed his regrets. "I regret that I was present at crimes. Yes, I took Bitokhov to North Ossetia, I bought some medicines for them, but I didn't take part in the attack on money collectors (he means the attack on collectors of the 'Rosneft' Company on June 2, 2008, - note of the "Caucasian Knot"). I regret that I had not reported the crime, but I was afraid for my life and for my family. I didn't know all the defendants in this case. I met many of them only at the arrest. I have my small children at home. I want to educate them so that they are educated and not run in the mountains with weapons. My wife suffers from oncology; so the children can rely only on me," said Bogotov.

The defendant Rustam Zhilov also denied that he was an IAF member.

The defendant Amir Isakov also refused to admit his guilt. "I have committed no crimes; not a single human suffered from my actions. I don't acknowledge my guilt," said Amir Isakov.

At the session, the defendant Rustam Karanashev asked the judges to pay attention to the violations, allegedly admitted by the prosecution.

"After all what I heard at the trial, I can state that the prosecution failed to see, where the truth and where the lie was. Even we have got completely confused. The prosecution has no care that they decide fates of young people. Yes, I bought weapons - this is my only crime. I admit this guilt and I'm ready to withstand my punishment," Rustam Karanashev said in his last plea.

The defendant Roman Sokhov did not understand why the prosecution had demanded 12 years in prison for him.

"I didn't kill money collectors; I didn't shoot at them - why have they asked 12 years in prison for me? I feel sorry for the perished guys; but I had nothing to do with it. I've never wished death to anyone," said Roman Sokhov.

The defendant Mukhamed Shovgenov said that he knew the criminals, but he was not involved in any IAF.

"My only guilt is that I knew the perpetrators. But I know half of the inhabitants of the republic - is it also a crime? I ask you not to punish me for the crimes I never committed. At home, my family and three children are waiting for me. They need to be educated and nourished. They need me at home," Mukhamed Shovgenov said addressing the judges.

After hearing all the defendants, the judges of the North Caucasus District Military Court retired to the deliberation room to prepare the verdict, which will announced at 10 a.m. on September 29.

Author: Olesya Dianova Source: CK correspondent

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