June 26, 2024 21:46

  • Militants' attacks in Makhachkala and Derbent scare tourists away

    After militants have committed their attacks in Makhachkala and Derbent, the number of tour bookings to Dagestan has decreased, the Russian Union of Tourist Industry (RUTI) has informed. In their turn, tourist operators suggest that tour sales will gradually normalize.

June 15, 2024 23:10

June 13, 2024 20:11

  • Anapa townspeople complain of harassment after their video appeal to Putin

    Law enforcers are trying to present the actions of Anapa residents as an unsanctioned rally, because they had recorded a video appeal to the Russian President, in which they complained that the administration of a local children's camp had blocked the beach with a fence, depriving people of access thereto. The camp director has explained that the fence was installed for security reasons.

April 16, 2024 17:10

  • Tourist’s photo in Kaspiysk inflames moral fighters

    A resident of Kaspiysk took a photograph of a tourist in a bathrobe resting on a balcony of a local hotel, after which moral fighters distributed the picture on social networks. The tourist said she would file a lawsuit, while social media users wrote comments criticizing moral activists for invading the tourist’s privacy.

November 03, 2023 18:04

  • Riots in Makhachkala damage tourism image of Dagestan

    There was no mass cancellation of tours to Dagestan amid the unrest in Makhachkala, but some tourists refused to travel to the republic, representatives of travel agencies report. They have pointed out that because of the unrest, Dagestan risks losing its attractiveness for guests from other regions.

August 22, 2023 22:47

  • Photo session of two girls in mountains angers residents of Dagestan

    Laurita Karpova, a participant in the reality show "Patsanki” (Tomboys), has posted a photo session, which depicts her engagement to another girl. The photos were taken in the Sulak Canyon of Dagestan. After a wave of indignation in social networks, she declared that there was no relationship with the girl in the pictures.

June 24, 2023 15:09

  • Residents of Dagestan argue on appropriateness of making remarks to tourists

    Remarks to tourists who violate the behaviour norms adopted in Dagestan are quite appropriate and necessary, some residents of the republic have stated. Others object believing that remarks to visitors can only be made in most egregious cases; they are commenting on the release in Dagestan of a new memo with conduct rules for tourists.

June 15, 2023 16:13

May 26, 2023 15:11

May 23, 2023 16:37

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