May 15, 2024 18:58

May 14, 2024 22:47

  • In Ingushetia, court returns mother of two Leila Gatagazheva to SIZO

    The Supreme Court (SC) of Ingushetia has upheld an appeal filed by the prosecutor’s office against mitigation of a pre-trial restriction measure for Leila Gatagazheva, accused of involvement in groupings of Syrian militants. The young woman has been returned to a SIZO (pre-trial prison) for the second time.

May 08, 2024 21:30

May 07, 2024 23:52

  • Court arrests blogger Dmitry Ivanov* in absentia

    A court in Moscow has arrested in absentia Dmitry Ivanov*, a blogger, accused of spreading fakes about the Russian Army. The blogger covered events in Southern Russia on his YouTube channel, the "OVD Info"* project has informed.

May 04, 2024 18:08

  • Court releases Malgobek law enforcers accused of extortion

    Three policemen from Ingushetia, accused of using violence against a detainee and extortion, have been released. The Supreme Court (SC) of Ingushetia has explained that the period specified by law for the preliminary investigation had expired and their further detention is illegal.

May 02, 2024 23:30

  • Leila Gatagazheva transferred to house arrest

    A court decided to place under house arrest Leila Gatagazheva, a native of Ingushetia, accused of involvement in formations of Syrian militants. Leila Gatagazheva returned to Malgobek from a SIZO (pre-trial prison) in Pyatigorsk, human rights defenders reported.

May 01, 2024 18:54

April 20, 2024 20:38

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