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Rules for users' behaviour on the "Caucasian Knot" interactive services

The present rules were worked out for the purpose of regulation of intercommunication on the forum and other interactive services of the "Caucasian Knot" online media. The rules are mandatory for following by all the visitors of these pages.

Please, note! You must enter your valid e-mail address while registering. Without registration you will not be able to participate in the discussions (open new topics, post messages or comments).

Registration is an integral part of one's presence at the forum and commenting on the news or blogs. Registration automatically means that you agree with the present Rules. In case of disagreement please, post a message to the moderators who will remove your account.

Editorial Board of the "Caucasian Knot" online media assumes no responsibility for the contents of the message. The author of a post is solely responsible for the contents.

The moderator of interactive services reserves the right to edit or remove messages or topics violating the Rules. Besides, Editorial Board is free to alter the present regulations. Such cases will be additionally announced in a special section.

The moderator can limit the user's rights up to the total ban of his or her account without explaining the reason.

The user assumes a commitment not to disclose his or her personal data (login and password) received during registration for logging in/identification at the resource and bears complete responsibility for the loss, disappearance or communicating personal data to other persons in any other way and for the consequences connected with this action.

The following actions are prohibited on the forum, blogs or comments on the "Caucasian Knot" news:

1. Propaganda of race, ethnic or religious hostility, violence, terrorism or drugs.

2. Posting messages:

  • Containing knowingly untrue information, violating the legislation of the Russian Federation in force and incompatible with generally accepted ethical and moral standards.
  • Containing direct or indirect offence or threats to other participants of the discussion as well as to third persons. Ad hominem arguments, opening topics aimed at criticizing other participants, making public IP-addresses or other user personal data.
  • Mismatching the theme under discussion. It is prohibited to open themes mismatching the subject of the section, private correspondence within the topics.

3. Posting messages with signs of advertising.

4. The use of unprintable language, including the one in the nick-names or personal images (avatars). It is also prohibited to use avatars or nick-names which may be comprehended as rude, obscene or seeming inadmissible for other reasons on the "Caucasian Knot" interactive resources. The decision of inadmissibility of particular nick-names, avatars, statuses and signatures is taken by the moderator on his or her own initiative or other users' requests.

5. Quoting big text passages in one's post overdimensioning the author's own text without special reasons (overquoting).

6. Misapplication of the upper case (CAPS) or other ways of text formatting.

7. Deliberate spelling mistakes (orphoart).

8. Reposting themes or messages (cross-posting), including the one in different section of the forum, blog posts and comments on the news.

9. Creating themes without a short summery in the titles, such as "help", "problem" and the like.

10. Posting messages without a sense load (containing only smiles, "+1" and the like).

11. Public discussion of the moderator's actions. A user dissatisfied with the moderator's actions may express discontent in a written massage to the Editorial Board.

12. Moderating other persons' messages without permission by means of unauthorized penetration into the administrative zone of the online media (hacking).

13. A user's new registration on the "Caucasian Knot" interactive services after being banned. In case if the users had other accounts by the moment of ban the moderator was aware of, they are banned, too.

14. Repost of a message removed by the moderator or going on discussing questions and themes closed or removed by the moderator.

15. Registering an account similar to the ones belonging to members of Editorial Board or other users. Using accounts or posting messages imitating other members' ones.

16. Offence to the moderator publicly or in private correspondence. In this case the user's account may be banned immediately.

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